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The top 10 reasons to buy an electric bike

There are many good reasons to own an electric bike. Here are just a few of them:

1. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Think of all those small distances that you cover on a daily basis. Like down to the video store, or to the bakery? For such trips an electric bike is essential. It will not only help you to cover the distance easily and fast but also to reduce your impact on the environment.

2. Get there faster

If you take into account the time you spend finding a parking spot, putting money in the meter, and sitting in traffic jams and you will figure out instantly why an electric bike is ideal for all those who need to commute relatively short distances across urban areas in peak hour.

3. Save money

Every time you use the car for a short trip, not only are you contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, but you are also using expensive fuel. Add to that parking costs, tolls, insurance, registration, tires etc. and an electric bike becomes a compelling proposition.

4. Keep fit

An electric bike can also help you to maintain your fitness. The motor on an electric bike assists the human effort. It will push you along quite nicely when things get hard and whenever you need an extra boost for any reason. 4. Keep fit

5. Keep up the pace

An electric bike helps you to keep up the pace with the ones you love. If your energy levels cannot keep up with those of your kids or your friends an electric bike will help you to stay next to them along the ride without putting too much effort. An electric bike also helps you with the extra confidence you need in order to be? able to ride longer distances easily and in comfort. ?5. Keep up the pace

6. Eliminate those parking hassles

Nowadays, having to find a place to park is a big trouble. More often the most convenient parking is not exactly where you need to go. If you are going to the city the chances are it is also quite expensive. And when it comes to public transport, the closest station or bus stop is not always exactly the most convenient place for you. An electric bike will normally get you exactly where you need to go, fast and easy and without the parking worries... ?6. Eliminate those parking hassles

7. Get a second vehicle without the big costs

You don't need registration or CTP insurance. You don't even need a license to ride an electric bike. If you are thinking about a second vehicle but not sure whether you can justify the registration and insurance costs an electric bike is definitely what you need.

8. Take the scenic route

Riding on a bike favor the scenic route. Furthermore, the cycle lanes usually take you through parks and short cuts through quiet streets, and dedicated pathways on bridges. Moreover, the cycle route is also the more direct route, hence making it easier and faster or one to reach one's destination. ?8. Take the scenic route

9. Enjoy a simple lifestyle

An electric bike is a vehicle that needs very little maintenance that can be done by almost anyone. Apart from charging the battery and checking the brakes there really is very little to do. Forget the service costs, gas, insurance, taxation and all the fuss that comes together with an automobile. As you get to ride your electric bike more and more you ?get to realize how it simplifies the way you go about your life.

10. Have fun

If all the above haven't convinced you yet, this one's will do it. Riding an electric bike is a whole lot of fun! You will find yourself taking the long way around so that you can ride down that big hill and feel the wind in your face. You will leave behind those other cyclists up the hill without putting any effort. Think that you will be able to cover longer distances, without worrying whether you 'll make it back or not. Electric bikes are not just an alternative means of transportation. They are alternative fun! Electricity is not just an alternative energy source. It's an alternative source of smiles!

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