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About Us

What is the Clean City Project?


The Clean City Project is an environmentally conscious company that provides an exclusive selection of brand name and custom made electric bikes to people who are interested in improving their quality of life, while reducing their dependency on gas as their main source of energy.

Why is this important?

By now, everybody has come to know that gas is not doing the world any favors. It pollutes our environment in countless ways, it makes entire nations go to war, while the ever increasing price is turning it into a luxury item few will be able to afford in the coming years.

We need sources of alternative energy. But what is alternative energy?

Is it solar energy? Is it hydropower? Is it wind energy? Biomass? Geothermal energy?

The answer is yes. All of these are sources of alternative energy.

However here at the Clean City Project we believe there is another, more important source of alternative energy.

You. You are the alternative energy.

By combining your own energy with a CCP electric bicycle, you can cut air pollution dramatically, eliviate traffic congestion, reduce noise pollution, save a considerable amount of money, eliminate parking problems forever, improve your fitness level, decrease stress, lower health risks and enjoy the freedom only a bicycle can give you.

And according to a European Union study, you can do all this, and still get to your city destination faster than you would with a car, without even sweating.

The Clean City Project. Electric bikes for all.

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